About Us

HealthSapiens is a convenient, affordable healthcare company with a network of more than a thousand experienced and board-certified physicians and a membership of over 22,000 people. Our platform provides unlimited access to medical services anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Over the past five years, we have used our combined 100 years of experience in healthcare to hone a consumer-centric model, laying the foundation for a quality direct-to-consumer experience. In doing so, we’ve made it possible for patients to receive necessary care without the need for cumbersome intermediaries like insurance companies or government bureaucracies.

This existing framework is the basis for the next phase in our mission to provide access to quality and affordable healthcare globally.

The Next Stage

We are improving our global wellness and healthcare ecosystem by creating and incentivizing a self-sustaining environment that thrives on transparency, tangible activity, and accuracy of care, rather than being driven by the priorities of intermediaries. The HealthSapiens system plans to originate an ERC20 token called “DOC” to integrate with peer-to-peer (P2P) networks to create a decentralized platform for physicians and patients to interact together, render payment, obtain peer reviews, and gain access to electronic medical records (EMRs) while still complying with global privacy and safety requirements. DOC will allow for fast and easy settlement, while the blockchain captures peer-reviewed outcomes for patients, giving all users an informed system for choosing care. Our global expansion will mean greater access for those living in areas that lack quality healthcare, as well as lower cost through the transparency of our network.

By embracing blockchain technology, we can continue to strive toward our mission of democratizing healthcare for all participants.

Learn more about our HealthSapiens 1.0 service (currently operational)

Learn more about HealthSapiens 2.0 here (currently in development)

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