HealthSapiens: Our Vision

healthcare premiumsHealthcare is a universal human right. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), health includes not just freedom from disease, but prosperous conditions for the soul1. Only under those conditions can all people live the abundant lives they deserve.

Our Vision

HealthSapiens envisions the democratization of healthcare: creating boundary-less freedom for choice and staying true to health and wellness principles for all. We are here to stay true to the ideals of healthcare through global collaboration and the progression of humankind, one patient at a time.

Creating an incentive-driven ecosystem where all players are treated equally and rewarded properly, we envision a transparent and sustainable healthcare system that embodies efficiency, parity, cooperation, responsibility and candor for all users.

We advocate the shift from a break-fix model of healthcare to one focused on prevention and the overall holistic health of populations, rather than episodic and transaction-based treatments.

Our mission is to preserve the integrity of people’s health by creating a healthcare ecosystem that covers healthcare for all individuals from cradle to grave. This in turn incentivizes preventative care, therefore driving down costs and improving health in the long term.

Our goal is to improve clinical effectiveness by lowering costs, allocating accountability evenly, increasing access to quality healthcare globally, and empowering our users to become engaged in their health.

This vision drives the next phase of HealthSapiens’ technology: the introduction of the DOC token, a solution on the blockchain that improves access, accountability, transparency, and affordability to citizens worldwide.



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About The Author

Karim Babay is Chairman & CEO of HealthSapiens, a nationwide healthcare provider that delivers on-demand access to healthcare anytime, anywhere, via mobile devices, the internet, video and phone. Mr. Babay is also the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Intrinsic Value Investment Partners, a value-focused hedge fund. Mr. Babay has over 15 years of global investing, entrepreneurial and corporate finance experience allocating capital across the capital structure (credit and equity), angel investing, liquid and illiquid investments in securities. Mr. Babay has published numerous studies and analysis while at Columbia University. Mr. Babay is member of the board of directors and Chairman of the compensation committee of GLYECO, a publicly traded company, principally involved in processing of waste into high quality ethylene glycol. Mr. Babay received a B.S. in finance and economics from HEC Institute and an MBA from Columbia Graduate School of Business.