Here are testimonials we’ve received from subscribers to our HealthSapiens 1.0 service (which you can learn about here)

The service is reliable, the doctors are top-notch, and the solutions they provide are always very effective and holistic. It saved me so much wasted time calling and booking appointments – being transferred doctor to doctor – to no avail.

Antonia K

Great option for companies, cost effective and convenient! This is the direction healthcare should go in the future.

Robert H

I would have never thought that I could have a doctor on my phone! You can even get prescribed within minutes from a brief consultation over the phone. An amazing product!

Diego D

HealthSapiens is a genuinely reassuring service to have without the long wait for appointments.

Nancy Z

Great product for busy people without the downtime to wait for traditional treatment. Thanks HealthSapiens!

Rene H