Healthcare Blockchain Technology-The HealthSapiens Approach

healthcare blockchainHealthcare Blockchain technology is finally a reality. HealthSapiens envisions the democratization of healthcare: creating  boundary-less freedom for choice while staying true to health and wellness principles for all. We do this through technological advances in communication, diagnosis, and collaboration.

The current HealthSapiens 1.0 platform includes a client-facing, browser-based app for managing healthcare, interaction between physicians and patients, scheduling appointments, and saving EMRs (Electronic Medical Records) that have been manually collected by patients from various legacy systems. This platform will remain the interface for HealthSapiens 1.0.

Coming Soon

The new HealthSapiens 2.0 will leverage the Ethereum blockchain and include the addition of our DOC token, which will be managed by smart contracts. Payments in DOC and other transactions will occur automatically, adding trust to our global system. Physician outcomes—based on accuracy—will be peer-reviewed and stored on the blockchain for an immutable record of performance that further leads to trust and good outcomes.

In addition, HealthSapiens 2.0 will create the HealthSapiens Legacy System, which, with patient permission, can automatically extract EMRs from various legacy systems worldwide and compile them to be stored in our secure and compliant off-chain database. Through Ethereum-based smart contracts, patients choose who to send access of their EMRs to, and can even choose to monetize and share their EMRs with researchers to earn tokens.

Finally, we will move away from a telemedicine-only platform, introducing real-world care such as in-person doctor visits to our network. DOC tokens will be used to pay for tests, procedures, treatments, medicine, and all other healthcare-associated costs, making DOC the only healthcare payment system users will need.

All of these additions are being developed by our HealthSapiens technology team. We are in the process of negotiating a partnership with The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab for further development.

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About The Author

Karim Babay is Chairman & CEO of HealthSapiens, a nationwide healthcare provider that delivers on-demand access to healthcare anytime, anywhere, via mobile devices, the internet, video and phone. Mr. Babay is also the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Intrinsic Value Investment Partners, a value-focused hedge fund. Mr. Babay has over 15 years of global investing, entrepreneurial and corporate finance experience allocating capital across the capital structure (credit and equity), angel investing, liquid and illiquid investments in securities. Mr. Babay has published numerous studies and analysis while at Columbia University. Mr. Babay is member of the board of directors and Chairman of the compensation committee of GLYECO, a publicly traded company, principally involved in processing of waste into high quality ethylene glycol. Mr. Babay received a B.S. in finance and economics from HEC Institute and an MBA from Columbia Graduate School of Business.